Replacing your broken Air Dam


This is a real easy procedure, even if you don't have a lift.  Simply raise the vehicle up and support it. (Jack stands perfered).  Then remove the remains.  Below, you can see that this one was held together with zip-ties and bailing wire. This was done on a 1987 Pontiac Trans Am.  Other models and years will vary.

When you order your new Air Dam from GM, remember that there is an upper deflector and a lower deflector.  On this car, the upper took most of the abuse.  You will probably need both.  Below is the abused lower deflector, and the upper is in four pieces.

To remove the lower deflector, from the factory, it is held in place by several 7mm screws.  This car had more bailing wire than it did screws, so it all had to be cut apart. The upper deflector is held in place by several 10mm bolts.  Remove these also.

The new upper deflector comes from GM painted glossy gray for about $20.  Since most of my car is black, I painted it black also.  Then install it with the 10mm bolts.

Then simply screw the new lower deflector to the upper, and the rest of the body with the 7mm screws.  Start at the center and work your way out.  This came from GM already black, and will set you back another $20.  Once all tightened down, thats it!  Now just remember not to pull up so close to those curbs!