Upgrading your charging system to a CS-144



If your thirdgen is like anybody elses, you've probably noticed that the little 105 Amp, even if working properly, is hardly sufficient to power all of today's most popular accessories.  I run dual cooling fans; both wired to come on together, I run the A/C, and amplifier, and with head lights on and wipers, the alternator is ready to fry.  One way to correct this is to install a CS-144, 140 Amp alternator.  These are large units.  It was often "rumored" that B4C thirdgen "cop cars" had a CS-144 alternator from the factory, but it is yet to be proven.  The largest you can find in any parts catalog for these cars, even at the dealer, was 105 Amp.


First thing you will need to do is aquire the parts.  Here are the part numbers:

Bracket: 10118722
Alternator: 10463338

It was beleived that the alternator and bracket were from the "B4C" Camaros, but actually, the bracket was used on early model Caprices and Cadillac Eldorados to upgrade to a 120 Amp alternator.  These parts can be obtained from any GM dealer or any online source that sells GM parts.  You will also need some hardware (bolts and nuts) to fit the alternator to the bracket. I don't remember the sizes I used, but when I find out, I'll update.

Since these two parts were never designed to go together, some modifications are required.  The casing on the mammoth CS-144 is to big for the support bracket, so some grinding must be done for it to sit in the bracket.  Its better to remove some from the casing, then it is to remove from the support.  You only need to remove maybe a 1/16 of an inch.  You'll have to test fit untill both bolt holes line up.  This is actually the bottom of the alternator, so you won't see it when your done.

Once its ready to instal, go ahead and remove the Negative Battery Cable.  Then remove your alternator.

Next, you will install the bracket just like you would an alternator using the same holes and bolts.  Go ahead and tighten them down.

Set the alternator inside the bracket and use your new hardware to mount it to the bracket.  Unfortunatly, you will not be able to use the old support on the rear of the alternator.  I have yet to find a suitable substitute, but if and when I do, I'll update.  Go ahead and hook up your plug (yes the original plug works!) and your charging cable.  Also comes the matter of a belt.  I do not have the smog pump, so my accessories are routed a little differently.  I was using a 968K6 belt, but after the alternator swap, I had to move up a size to a 987K6 belt (2510mm).  If you are still using a stock setup (smog pump) you'll just have to try some larger sizes and see what works.

 Here is the front and side view of it installed.  Its much larger, but it still clears the valvecovers and there is still plenty of room to shut the hood.

I noticed after the swap that the original charging wire was way to small and it got very hot.  This is one thing you don't want to skimp on!  I just purchased a new GM battery cable (I picked through several to find the size I needed).  I'd post the P/N, but my setup is not stock, so it may not work for you. I also purchased a long battery bolt and spacer so that I could run dual cables, one to the alternator and the stock one down to the starter.

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