Replacing your Dash Pad


Much to my unfortunate surprise, one morning I went out to my car to go to work, and there were two huge cracks right down the center of my dash pad.

Many places sell them new for between $400-500.  I picked up a used one from the boneyard from a wrecked '86 Firebird for $15. 

This is about the approximate location of the lower screws that hold the dash pad in place.  There are a total of seven, and they require a 7mm (9/32) socket.


This is where you will find the top five screws.  Once again, they are 7mm and very long.  Careful not to drop one down the defroster ducts!

Once all the screws are removed, lift up the front corner, and pull out.  Remove completely from the car.

Now is the perfect oppurtunity to clean up a little, or replace any blown speakers, etc..  My speakers were blown, so I put these in (shown in picture).

Before you can put the new one in, you must transfer any parts needed over.  I opted to throw away the "plastic grill" speaker covers, and re-use my cloth covered ones.  I also had to re-install the side defoggers, since they were missing from the boneyard.

Then simply re-install like it was taken out, then put all 12 screws back in place.  The 5 long ones go up top, and the 7 short on the bottom.

All done!