November Featured Ride: Coreys 1984 Z28



1984 Z28




98 Z Leather seats


357 w/Vortec heads


1995 T-56 6 speed


4th gen 3.42 Posi Rear 




Engine: 350 4 bolt main bored .040 (357 cu in) 9:72:1 compression speed pro 2256 lightweight forged pistons and rings, forged rods, Pro Topline vortec L31 heads (ported,3 angle valve job ,radiused valve seats ) screw in 3/8 rocker studs guidplates w/ stock 1.5 ratio rockers, Moroso lifter valley oil shield, comp cams extreme energy cam (Duration 240/246@.050, .507, .510 lift, 110 LSA), performer rpm intake (7116 vortec ), Holley 750 double pumper, Edelbrock fuel pump, Clevite main, cam and rod bearings, Melling oil pump,
ARP stainless steel accessory, vortec intake, oil pump stud, main studs and stage 8 locking header bolts.

Drivetrain: 95 borg warner T-56  6 speed  (b&m ripper shifter) w/ MBA shift ball, 1LE aluminum drive shaft, 2000 4th gen rear with 3.42 posi, 4 wheel disc  (10.5 in front 11.65 in rear), mcloed dual friction disc, mcloed pressure plate ,centerforce billet steel flywheel.

Steve Spohn lower control arms, subframe connectors,  panhard rod, torque arm and crossmember (t56), 98 z28 rear springs, decarbon rear shocks, monroe sensatrac struts, wonder bar steering brace.

Interior: 98 z28 grey leather seats, overhead roof console

Exterior: 16x8 gta rims, gts tail light black outs, 83 z28 crossfire fiberglass hood, pilot fog lights w/ hyper white bulbs

Ignition: stock gm hei,  blaster 2 coil, taylor 10.4 mm, spark plug wires, MSD 6AL, dust cover for remote coil,  rotor, and cap, AC delco r42lts plugs

Exhaust: SLP 1 3/4 headers  (ceramic coated), dynomax cat back 2 1/2in, stage 8 locking header bolts, 4th gen z28 tips

Corey may have only picked up this ride about 8 months again, but what a ride. Purchased off of, Corey drove it all the way back home from Wisconsin with no proof of insurance. Well, his luck almost held out, but 2 miles from home he got stopped. Luckily, the officer was in a nice mood and let him go with a warning.

As you can see by the long list of mods, this car is anything but stock, from the top end with the Vortec Heads all the way back to the 4th gen rear with 3.42 posi, not much on this car hasn't been touched. Corey can remember pulling an all-nighter after the rear end broke on the daily driver. He was finally finished at 6 am. Just in time to go to work at 8:00.


Soon after his purchase, Corey replaced the camshaft with the Extreme Energy you see listed in the mods section. Also added were Extreme Energy lifters and K-Motion valve springs good to .610 inches of lift.

All in all, a very impressive car Corey. Clean and simple on the outside, with a pure beast at heart. As he put it, "im 19.. and all my friends envy my car what more could you want ? ? ? .. lol". Congratulations on November Featured ride.