February's Featured Ride:   Steve Philip's 1989 Camaro RS Convertible



1989 Chevrolet Camaro RS Convertible


Red with Metallic Maroon stripes


Gray and Black interior, '97 Camaro seats


Modified 305 (5.0L, RPO LO3)


700R-4 Automatic 4-speed


3.42 Gears, Auburn Pro Limited Slip


Tubular Panhard Bar, Boxed LCA's, Poly Bushings, KYB Rear Shocks

Other Mods:

Ported Upper and Lower TPI intakes, MSD Coil, MSD Cap & Rotor, Hedman Headers & Y-pipe, Stock heads ported and polished with Crane Valvesprings, '93 LT1 Camshaft, Walboro 255 lt/hr fuel pump, 1.5 Roller Rockers, B&M Megashifter, 3" Flowmaster Catback,  11" Rear Disc Brakes w/ Corvette Pads.


Steve's car has gone through quite a bit of change.  It started life with a humble 5.0L Throttle Body injected V8. The TBI was ditched in favor of some '85 HO 305 cylinder heads, Edelbrock Performer RPM Intake, and a Holley 600CFM carburator w/ Vacuum secondaries.


Then he got informed, met some people who had cars like his, and started reading. A LOT. He learned how to port a set of heads. The hard and slow way mind you. Read up on modifications and changed her appearance a little bit. She got a 98 Z28 rearend w/3.73 posi. That rear was short lived however. It turns out it used to be behind a Camaro that could and DID pull it's front wheels off the ground. Well, lets just say that it was pulled from that car for a reason. And he found out one fateful day on my way to Georgia when the rear decided it had had enough. So, a $175 tow bill and a week later, she had a 94 Z28 rear with 3.42's and now sported 4 wheel disk breaks. Along with those, she had a set of Newgen Salad shooter 16x8 inch rims and BFG Radial T/A's rounded out the new stance

Then came the day when Steve decided to step up to the modern era of Fuel Injection.  All the Carburator equipment was removed in favor of a Speed Density Tuned Port Injection system.  This yeilded the best gains of any mod that was done to the car, and give him his best track times to date.








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