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I managed to get my rear rebuilt with a 3.23 Auburn Posi. Talk about getting around. I think got that posi when was station in Jax. Since then, it's been in the 89 RS, one of the red thirdgen formulas for a while, I think one of my other 4th gens, and now this T/A. Man...

Anyway, managed to stay awake long enough to get it in the car, and it doesn't make nearly as much noise as the rock crusher that came out of it. Whines a little on deceleration but so far, 100 miles on it and it hasn't come apart. We'll see how long it lasts.

Brian, thank again for snagging that stuff. I have to make a weekend to get up to see my family, make a weekend to run down and swap parts with you, get the radiator out of the white car and get it repaired, pull the 400 out of the same car, fix the oil leaks, and maybe check the bearings. See how they fared over the no tune 1000 mile torture test that was drag week.

Put it all back together (with no leaks this time) maybe get a few suspension parts, more tuning (the right way this time), and get some more passes at the track.

48 more weeks to Drag Week 2018
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