July's Featured Ride: John Pender's 88 Trans Am GTA "Lucy"



1988 Trans Am GTA


Gunmetal Grey


Grant Steering Wheel


Modified 305 TPI


700-R4 w/Shift Kit and Vette Servo




WS6 suspention with aftermarket additions


Engine: Throttle Body Air Foil - Throttle Body Coolant Bypass - Ported And Port Matched Stock Intake Base, Heads, SLP Runners, And Plenum - Bosch Platinum Plugs - Accel 8mm Plug Wires - Accel Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator - Accel Fuel Pressure Gauge - Hypertech 160 Fan Switch - Hypertech 160 Thermostat - 1.5 Roller Tip Rockers - Lingenfelter .525/.525 219/219 112CL Cam - Larger Diameter Valves - Hooker Comp Shorty Ceramic Coated Headers

Drive Train: Shift Kit - Corvette Servo

Suspension: WS6 Stock Suspension - Lakewood Adjustable Panhard Bar - Kumho 245/60 R16 - Wonderbar

Other: Kenwood MASK CD Player - "Mystery" Performance Chip - Grant Steering Wheel - Descreened MAF - K&N Air Filter - Modified (Hacked Up) Air Box - Dynomax Cat Back System - Custom 3"-3 1/2" Y-Pipe - Manual Fan Switches - A.I.R. System Delete - A/C System Delete - Chrome Valve Cover Breathers - Chrome Oil Filler Cap - Chrome Stock Valve Covers - Manual Cold Start Switch (Choke)

John purchase his 88 GTA in September of 2001 from a guy who had relocated from Hawaii. Shortly after the purchase, Lucy started showing some signs of age and neglect. According to John, "The car is nicknamed Lucy because when I got it, it looked like the previous owner had hastily reassembled it to sell it." With a ported runner and intake swap, she was only able to turn out a best of 15.3 in the 1/4.

About a year after this, Lucy had decided it was time for some upgrades. First to go was the alternator, then a tire blew itself off the wheel, the EGR valve failed, and finally the water pump went south as well.

It was at this point that Lucy was taken off street duty and new parts began to come her way. Over the course of a year, she received a bigger cam and valves, Hooker Comp Ceramic coated headers, SLP Runners and Upper Plenum, matched to a ported stock lower manifold and loads of other parts plus some TLC to produce the beauty you see pictured above.

Future plans include a long term interior restoration, including having the original steering wheel redone and a factory CD player installed to make use of the controls on the steering wheel. Also a new paint job as close to the Gunmetal Grey as possible with the addition of some lighter grey racing stripes. The ultimate goal is to pass the 400rwhp mark with a custom intake and roots style blower.

John says he looks forward to putting down some good numbers with all of the mods done since April of last year and is predicting 13's in the 1/4. And to top it all off, this was all done with less than a $1000 bill. Way to go John. Very sweet ride and well deserved July Featured Ride of the month.