March's Featured Ride: Bernard Tripp's 1992 Trans Am Convertible



1992 Trans Am Convertible


Dark Green Metallic, Buckskin top


Stock, Leather Articulated Power Buckets


Stock 305 TPI (RPO LB9)


700R-4 Automatic 4-speed


2.73, Limited Slip, Stock Aluminum driveshaft


All stock.


-One of  ~ 679 Trans Am Convertibles made in 1992.
-Completley stock except for the K&N Air filter and Pontiac/Monsoon CD Player.
-Factory equipped with G80 limited slip and JG1 aluminum driveshaft.
-1992 Convertibles came with enhanced body sealers, B-Pillar supports and Rocker Panel supports (similar to subframe connectors).


I always knew I wanted a convertible, but I never thought I was going to get a T/A droptop.  You don't see very many of them, since "official" GM production didn't start untill 1991, one year before the demise of the Third Generation F-body.  The Camaro's on the other hand officially started in 1987, a four year head start on the Pontiacs.  Honestly, when I found this car, I wasn't even in the market for another car.  I had some cash saved up in the bank and was going to buy a motorcycle.  One day I was browsing on eBay and found a '92 Green metallic T/A vert and fell in love.


I contacted the seller about purchasing this car privatly and drove to West Virginia to pick this jewel up.  Despite the windy 40° weather in West Virginia, I just had to "break it in" properly with its new owner.  I drove all the way out of the state with the top down!

I don't have any track times or dyno slips.  Plans for this car do not include very many modifications.  I think this car is great as-is and due to the low number of these cars produced, I would like to keep it as close to showroom condition as possible.  However, this certainly isn't a trailer queen!  My wife and I frequently drive this car. It still has a Mint Condition owners manual complete with "Credit Card Key" blank and shrink wrapped tape cassette.

Here is a shot of the leather interior and the Pontiac/Monsoon CD player.  I wasn't going to replace the radio in this car, but when I found one out of a newer Trans Am and it said "Pontiac" on it, plus the fact that it plugged right in so that I didn't have to modify the harness, I went for it.  It fit right in with little modification to the radio itself.