Setting Minimum Air


Take a paper clip and insert the ends into the "A" and "B" pins of the ALDL. Turn on ignition but don't start car. Wait about 30 seconds, then disconnect the lead running to the IAC. Remove the paper clip.


You will need a #T-20 torx bit (tiny little momma) for this part. Start the engine. Set the idle speed to 450rpm if it isn't already. You will find the adjustment behind the throttle stop on the driver's side of the TB. From the factory, there is a tamper proof plug in place.  It will need to be removed.  It may not be there, or already be removed.  If you can't find where to turn the screw, the plug is probably in place.  If you can turn the screw, than the plug has been removed. Once it is adjusted turn off the engine.


Reconnect the lead to the IAC and start the engine. The computer (ECM) will control the idle rpm once again.

You probably set a code for having the IAC disconnected. Just disconnect the negative lead on the battery for 30 seconds (book always says 5 min, but who has got that kind of time?) clear the error codes.


Written by: Mike Meyer aka "Lounge Lizard" for SETHIRDGEN.