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Technical Resource Database


General Information:


Frequently Asked Thirdgen Questions (FAQ)

VIN Decoder

Reading "Trouble Codes"

Understanding VATS (PassKey)

The Lowdown on EGR Part I


Diagnosisng 700-R4 Fundamentals

Shopping for TPI conversion parts

Third Gen Performance Data 

Rear Axle Information

Third Generation F-body Production Numbers


How to... :



Install Lower Control Arm Relocation Brackets (requires Java)

Box your LCA's 

Install a Wonder Bar 

GM 10-bolt build-up Part I

GM 10-bolt build-up Part II 

GM 10-bolt Part III (installing it)

Install a T56 transmission 

Swap a 10-bolt (4th gen version) & install an adjustable Panhard Bar



Replace a Heater Core 

Replace a Dashpad

Installing White Faced Gauges



"Ultimate" TB Coolant Bypass 

Set Minimum Air (TPI Engines)

Set TPS 

Replace your Vbelts with a Serpentine setup

Replace an A/C compressor shaft seal (requires Java)

Siamese/Port your TPI base

Swap an LT1 intake onto your SBC!

Install a 3-wire Heated Oxygen Sensor

Replace your 100 amp alternator w/ a whopping 140 Amp!




Fix sagging doors

Replace your broken Air Dam

Fix clearcoat scratches  NEW!!!

Install a Strut Tower Brace

Replace a Convertible Top NEW!!!




Adjust a TV Cable

Tranny Upgrade  Part I: Corvette Servo

Replace Speedo Gears (Automatic)

Replace Speedo Gears (T-5 transmission)  NEW!!!




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