Adjusting the TV Cable: 4L60 (700R-4)

-Written by eHow member: BTripp


This is a very simple and misunderstood procedure.  The transmission uses the TV Cable to adjust pressures according the throttle position.  With the throttle at WOT, the TV Cable should be maxed out.  To acheive this, follow this procedure:

The absolute first step is to find the TV Cable adjusting mechanism.  If you don't have a clue, it is on a bracket with a cable going to the throttle linkage.  A TPI is shown, but the TBI and Carb are similar.


The next step is to push in on the "D" button on the adjuster mechanism.  While pushing down on the button, you need to push in the cable retainer until it bottoms out.  You may have to push very hard on the "D" button, it may be stiff. 


Once the cable retainer is bottomed out, then you need to turn the throttle blades (by turning the throttle linkage) all the way.  This may require some effort, since the TV Cable will need to ratchet out of the adjuster.  Rotate the throttle all the way and the adjuster will "ratchet" out.  Once you are sure the throttle is all the way, then no further adjustments are needed.  DO NOT open the throttle from the gas pedal, this may cause inaccurate adjustments.