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UPDATED, April 30, 2002!  Check out these 5 new vids from the GAFBA Spring Shootout!

See a 4th gen do a wheelstand!  1.3M

Bernard Tripp's 13.53 @ 103.77  1.8M


Rusty's Z-28 vs a Z06 1.7M


Steve's best run   2.1M

One of Tom's runs.   1.9M


Bernard Tripp's '87 Trans Am as seen on
Speedvision's "American Muscle Car"              3MB MPEG



John Millican's '86 Camaro as seen on 
Speedvision's "American Muscle Car"            1.3MB MPEG

'97 SS w/ a 383 doing a burnout.  Its a 4th gen, 
but burnouts are cool.  2.9MB  Mpeg



One really quick IROC-Z!!  3.2MB Mpeg

Rick Lindstedt getting "busted"  4MB  Mpeg



Rick Lindstedt doing a burnout.  3MB Mpeg



Hank Brotes Iroc Camaro 1.5 MB AVI

1989 Turbo Trans Am Pace Car  1.2MB AVI


Lester's Teal Camaro (first run)  1.7MB AVI


Lester's Teal Camaro (second run)  1MB AVI

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