Installing a WonderBar (Steering Brace)

This is what is known as a "Wonder Bar" or also known as a steering brace.  It ties both sides of the engine bay together from underneath, giving extra strength to the steering gearbox mount, since fatigue and stress cracks are common around the gear box mounting.  This will help tighten up the front end and prevent stress cracks from occuring.


Installation couldn't be any easier.  This really is a no-brainer.  You can expect to spend about 15 min in your driveway with just a ratchet and 15mm socket.  Here is a view of under the car.  The wonderbar mounts parallel to the sway bar.


You must lower the sway bar and to do this remove the three bolts shown on each side (six total).  The sway bar is only held in place by two bolts on each end, but you will need to remove the third for the brace.  Let the bar hang down.

The actual "bar" portion goes to the front (its almost impossible to get it wrong) and then reinstall the six bolts you removed.  Thats it!  Thats all there is to it.  Here it is installed.  A new WonderBar won't look likt this, mine was originally black, and I sanded, primed and painted red.  Enjoy!